Snow White Voyage

Beginnings. Right?

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Every new beginning is always rough. You suddenly shy away from who you really are and try to be appropriate to the situation. Or maybe you are just surrounded by too many people. Who knows. Most people, or at least many that I know, do act a little rough around the edges in new situations.

It is funny to think about how you acted when you just started that job, or that class, or how that relationship started. It all changes as time goes on. We become more comfortable with who we are as time passes. Why is that though? What difference does it make? Maybe, only people who think their personality could be overwhelming act this way. They want to show the real deal in tiny little pieces. Slowly and with caution.

This is partially how I feel with this blog. I do not want to scare anyone away, but I do want to show you partially who I am. I might be too much for some and I just do not know you. You, the reader. Who are you? Tell me. Just like at a new place with people around you, it is easier once you get to know them. Then they can get to know you. Just because this is a different form of communication it does not mean I cannot slow myself down. Especially because this is the first post.

I do have a lot of thoughts going on in my head. Some are deep. I hate using the word “deep” to describe anything but I do stuff I don’t like sometimes. It kind of fits here too. I do a lot of daydreaming and comparing or wishing. I also write exactly how I think. Also, I will be literally writing what I think here. Just an outlet. Like it or not, I will post. I don’t need an audience. Maybe I would enjoy having some fellow thinkers sharing their opinions and thoughts but that is also not necessary for me.

So enjoy this voyage I will be going on. I will enjoy it. You can follow it.


One thought on “Beginnings. Right?

  1. Welcome to the blogosphere šŸ™‚ I’m sure you will have a lot of fun and meet some interesting people.


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