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Why I Run

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I used to be a runner. I did track and field and a little bit of cross country in high school. Later, in college, I had a period of time where I would go running almost every day. Super early in the morning, in the winter, late at night, with my dog, on a hot day, I mean I committed to it and I did it.
I miss it. I have not done it in a long time. No time. No motivation. I have a need, but no motivation or push to take that first step.
I know how good you feel after finishing that run. How terrible, yet amazingly proud you feel as you run and push . Those are the feelings that I miss.
Now having read this article I am inspired. Let’s hope that this inspiration lasts.
That is why I want to reblog it so maybe that way I will feel like I have to run. I have to because I told someone, someone read this. Or even if no one read it, that thought is out there.

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I’ve run nearly everyday since 2005. Before that there was four years of cross country and track, and before that two years of middle school track and field. I didn’t really enjoy it as a kid, and didn’t treat it seriously for a lot of reasons, so I don’t count those years. Just the last decade or so, because my running has been voluntary.

More than that, it’s been my lifeline.

I’ve run everywhere. New Orleans, London, Manhattan, Austin, Tahoe, Riverside, Montreal, San Francisco, San Diego, Sydney, Sao Paulo, Vancouver, Miami, Vicksburg, Dallas, Oslo, Graz, Tombstone, Tucson, Seattle, Helsinki, Joshua Tree, Dublin, Toronto, Chicago, DC, Vegas, Perth, and who knows how many other places. It’s the first thing I do in most cities–pull out my shoes and a map and see the sights.

I’ve run in the snow, in the rain, in 100+ degree heat, through cities, on military…

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