Snow White Voyage

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Finally, after tears, struggles, realizations, mental preperation and a lot of self exploring, I am fulfilling my dream. In a few days I will be graduating my Inflight training. The road to becoming a flight attendant wasn’t easy. I still have a couple days left, out of these five weeks, but it feels like forever. The last few days are dragging. We have our uniforms, we are official employees of the airline and we took our graduation pictures, but we still did not get our wings.
It’s so close, yet so far.
The last four weeks went by so quickly. I can’t believe that at the beginning of next month we will be on line.

Also, I got my acceptance into my online Bachelor’s program for Aviation Administration and I could not be more happy.
I will be flying the skies as I am learning more about how this whole industry works.

This will be an incredible journey for me. I will be learning about what I truly enjoy and want to have my future in, but also, that future starts now. I am in this industry, I am already doing what I enjoy, and I will just continue to grow and explore different sides of it.

I  needed to keep my faith close to me through this journey. Without that and my family and friends I would not have been able to come on this road.

To finish off I just want to really point out that following your heart in these kind of matters is very crucial to our happiness.


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