Snow White Voyage

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This is beautiful! I wish I stumbled upon posts like this a little bit while ago when I was lost. What is important is the fact that I believe I found my passion and it feels pretty damn amazing!


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Happiness? Future? What?

When did it become necessary to know what you want to do for the rest of your life at such a young age?
If it is not expected of you to know when you graduate high school it surely is when you are in college. Oh yeah, and it is expected from society that of course you will go to college. For the most part.
Well now you’re in college and you think you know what career you want to strive for.
What if you explore outside of that field and take some different classes and you just meet people that inspire yoy and you take on a different interest?
It might be a smooth transition onto that desired field over the first-pick field but it might not be and it probably won’t.
It won’t be if your first field of choice was something you thought you wanted to do for a long time. Also, if your whole family already expects you to be whoever you told them you will be when you were 9.
Unfortunately I am stuck in this position. Although I think I know what I want to do with my life now, after some coincidental events in my life and keeping an open mind, I am still just as lost as when I decided my always planned major in college is not what I want to learn about at all.

Planning too far ahead in life is what makes me wonder if I realistically want to do this for the rest of my life?
I want to become a flight attandant because I love flying. I love meeting new people and I love the airline industry and that whole lifestyle.
I don’t know if this is going to be something I do for a few years while I try and attain my bachelor’s degree still or if this will become my career.
I don’t even know which option I would prefer. All I know is I want a family later in life or at least I don’t want to be alone. Is that possible if I follow my heart now and pursue my passion and go where my heart belongs or does that put my other dream in jeopardy?

This frustration is due to the pressure of society which spills onto my parents of course and then the fact that planning ahead into the future could be useful but also it is what is stopping me from peaceful decision making.
Ughhhh. How to deal with life?

Snow White

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Late night discoveries.

Late nights are always the best. The most fun you can have is during the night. That is due to the fact that our brains do not like to go to sleep and shut down our thoughts when our bodies are ready. We think about how our day went, what people told us, what we told other individuals and what we want to do the next day. Those thoughts are just the beginning to the mess that we can get ourselves into.

The best part of late night thoughts is hearing your friend’s thoughts. Thoughts, ideas, or the thoughts of others that they have been made aware of. Oh people. People are so silly. I mean literally silly because we all pretend to be someone who we are not. At some point of our life we have done that and some of us still do that in different environments or around different people. That is actually quite saddening. Why can’t we all just be honest with each other? I am not saying that everyone is that way, but some pretty amazing people sometimes could have multiple views on you depending on the people they are hanging out with. Would we call that friendship? Maybe not, but maybe we need to do that to our friends because we do not want to hurt them but we want to keep our friendship fire burning.

This obviously should not be the case for two friends who would do anything for each other. I am talking here about a beginning friendship, a friendship that does not have too much depth but one that is still valuable. These kind of friendships could turn to great life long relationships or they could burn out pretty quick. It all depends how we take care of them. We need those friendships with people to keep us on our toes. They might be a lot of fun and teach us lessons about ourselves and others that we could not learn from out true best friends. Any learning experience is very valuable to us. We have one life and we need to learn as much as we can.

Okay, so these late night thoughts are taking a turn and are going off topic. I just want to state that we need all types of friends to balance and fuel all parts of our personalities. That is it world. The end of my late night thoughts.

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Beginnings. Right?

Every new beginning is always rough. You suddenly shy away from who you really are and try to be appropriate to the situation. Or maybe you are just surrounded by too many people. Who knows. Most people, or at least many that I know, do act a little rough around the edges in new situations.

It is funny to think about how you acted when you just started that job, or that class, or how that relationship started. It all changes as time goes on. We become more comfortable with who we are as time passes. Why is that though? What difference does it make? Maybe, only people who think their personality could be overwhelming act this way. They want to show the real deal in tiny little pieces. Slowly and with caution.

This is partially how I feel with this blog. I do not want to scare anyone away, but I do want to show you partially who I am. I might be too much for some and I just do not know you. You, the reader. Who are you? Tell me. Just like at a new place with people around you, it is easier once you get to know them. Then they can get to know you. Just because this is a different form of communication it does not mean I cannot slow myself down. Especially because this is the first post.

I do have a lot of thoughts going on in my head. Some are deep. I hate using the word “deep” to describe anything but I do stuff I don’t like sometimes. It kind of fits here too. I do a lot of daydreaming and comparing or wishing. I also write exactly how I think. Also, I will be literally writing what I think here. Just an outlet. Like it or not, I will post. I don’t need an audience. Maybe I would enjoy having some fellow thinkers sharing their opinions and thoughts but that is also not necessary for me.

So enjoy this voyage I will be going on. I will enjoy it. You can follow it.