Snow White Voyage

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Am I really going home?

Another trip, another friend. I don’t know if all my luck and good fortune is just thrown into my work life, but as a new flight attendant I have had a really easy time adjusting to everything. I still haven’t had any crazy incidents, I’ve had the best crews so far & I’ve visited pretty amazing places.

When I am at work, either in the airplane or on a layover, I feel very comfortable and purely happy. This, of course, is not the case all the time. There might be a couple times I have felt a little off but it was mostly me getting sick.

Right now, I am commuting home. I caught a flight an hour after I landed and ended my trip. The flight was oversold due to the weather issues the east coast is having, but luckily there was a seat and a commuting pilot let me take it while he seat up in the cockpit. I was so happy, but I am not sure he noticed because I am also really tired and I’m still a little sick. This kind of kindness is very appreciated in this industry. It was him purely wanting to help and nothing else.

I understand that this happens sometimes or often or maybe rarely, but it happens. I just felt incredibly lucky to be able to go home for my short couple days off. And we are descending now. We are pretty low and I got distracted because I do not see anything familiar. So maybe I am not going home…..
I would not be surprised if I got on the wrong flight.

No. Seriously, this does not look like we are landing at O’hare.
Okay well I totally forgot the point of this post. There was one. Now I’m gonna try to figure out where I am landing.


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Commuting and loneliness

As I am commuting to work and I’m having great coffee, free WiFi and free TV I am feeling great. I do have to make a connection to get to my preferred airport but I get to see a friend in between my flights.

This does not sound bad. It is not always like this. I am usually very positive about commuting because that is just what I have to do for now. There is no point of complaining and being bitter. If you find a hobby or take a nap on these flights, they become useful. Also I just have the thought of getting my transfer soon in the back of my mind.

The worst part about commuting is that right now I am going through a time where I start feeling the loneliness come in. On my layovers it’s not that bad. I usually feel it kick in if I am in my crash pad and my friends aren’t there. Also, if I’m at home by myself.

There are multiple reasons why I feel lonely. It’s the job itself and reaching almost a year mark of being single after ending a 5 year relationship. I try to make this journey about myself and really trying to explore what I enjoy to do in my free time, what I want in life and what kind of people I enjoy spending time with. Somehow life still hits me with those feelings of loneliness and it is a little difficult to push those away at times.

Well I am happy that this commute won’t involve a little cry session in the lavatory (long story, rough day, it was short and to the point) due to a random panick attack. I might have a random panick attach once I open my bag and notice I forgot to pack my charger for my work phone, but I will figure it out. Thats is what we have to do as flight attendants I guess. We have to figure out how to solve random problems that come from living in a suitcase.

Now I am going of on a tangent so I will end this. It felt good to write in here again. Letting this feeling out and sharing it openly helps me feel not so alone.