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Am I really going home?

Another trip, another friend. I don’t know if all my luck and good fortune is just thrown into my work life, but as a new flight attendant I have had a really easy time adjusting to everything. I still haven’t had any crazy incidents, I’ve had the best crews so far & I’ve visited pretty amazing places.

When I am at work, either in the airplane or on a layover, I feel very comfortable and purely happy. This, of course, is not the case all the time. There might be a couple times I have felt a little off but it was mostly me getting sick.

Right now, I am commuting home. I caught a flight an hour after I landed and ended my trip. The flight was oversold due to the weather issues the east coast is having, but luckily there was a seat and a commuting pilot let me take it while he seat up in the cockpit. I was so happy, but I am not sure he noticed because I am also really tired and I’m still a little sick. This kind of kindness is very appreciated in this industry. It was him purely wanting to help and nothing else.

I understand that this happens sometimes or often or maybe rarely, but it happens. I just felt incredibly lucky to be able to go home for my short couple days off. And we are descending now. We are pretty low and I got distracted because I do not see anything familiar. So maybe I am not going home…..
I would not be surprised if I got on the wrong flight.

No. Seriously, this does not look like we are landing at O’hare.
Okay well I totally forgot the point of this post. There was one. Now I’m gonna try to figure out where I am landing.


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Commuting and loneliness

As I am commuting to work and I’m having great coffee, free WiFi and free TV I am feeling great. I do have to make a connection to get to my preferred airport but I get to see a friend in between my flights.

This does not sound bad. It is not always like this. I am usually very positive about commuting because that is just what I have to do for now. There is no point of complaining and being bitter. If you find a hobby or take a nap on these flights, they become useful. Also I just have the thought of getting my transfer soon in the back of my mind.

The worst part about commuting is that right now I am going through a time where I start feeling the loneliness come in. On my layovers it’s not that bad. I usually feel it kick in if I am in my crash pad and my friends aren’t there. Also, if I’m at home by myself.

There are multiple reasons why I feel lonely. It’s the job itself and reaching almost a year mark of being single after ending a 5 year relationship. I try to make this journey about myself and really trying to explore what I enjoy to do in my free time, what I want in life and what kind of people I enjoy spending time with. Somehow life still hits me with those feelings of loneliness and it is a little difficult to push those away at times.

Well I am happy that this commute won’t involve a little cry session in the lavatory (long story, rough day, it was short and to the point) due to a random panick attack. I might have a random panick attach once I open my bag and notice I forgot to pack my charger for my work phone, but I will figure it out. Thats is what we have to do as flight attendants I guess. We have to figure out how to solve random problems that come from living in a suitcase.

Now I am going of on a tangent so I will end this. It felt good to write in here again. Letting this feeling out and sharing it openly helps me feel not so alone.

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Dreaming on

Finally, after tears, struggles, realizations, mental preperation and a lot of self exploring, I am fulfilling my dream. In a few days I will be graduating my Inflight training. The road to becoming a flight attendant wasn’t easy. I still have a couple days left, out of these five weeks, but it feels like forever. The last few days are dragging. We have our uniforms, we are official employees of the airline and we took our graduation pictures, but we still did not get our wings.
It’s so close, yet so far.
The last four weeks went by so quickly. I can’t believe that at the beginning of next month we will be on line.

Also, I got my acceptance into my online Bachelor’s program for Aviation Administration and I could not be more happy.
I will be flying the skies as I am learning more about how this whole industry works.

This will be an incredible journey for me. I will be learning about what I truly enjoy and want to have my future in, but also, that future starts now. I am in this industry, I am already doing what I enjoy, and I will just continue to grow and explore different sides of it.

IΒ  needed to keep my faith close to me through this journey. Without that and my family and friends I would not have been able to come on this road.

To finish off I just want to really point out that following your heart in these kind of matters is very crucial to our happiness.

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& the waiting begins.

This journey of chasing my dream has been a little stressful. One interview with a let down, a couple invitations and video interviews and I am a little nervous, excited, enthusiastic and confident. Definitely still nervous though.

With all the applications, and planning I have had little time to collect my thoughts to even write anything on here. There are some people in my life that are encouraging me and some that have been a little reluctant when it comes to me going for the position that I believe is meant to be mine. Spending all my time at the airport at my current job, seeing all these flight attendants from all these airlines and wishing I could be in their shoes is kind of driving me nuts a little bit. Some people think I am crazy for wanting that so bad but I do. I know I will love it and I know I am meant to do this because this airline world is just for me.

I have to admit that the airline I currently work for is pretty amazing! They treat us very well and the whole culture of it brings us all together and makes us feel like one big family. It will be hard to leave this for another airline but it will be for the better.

I feel like a little girl with her head in the clouds when I daydream about getting this job. I literally am in the clouds in my thoughts. Soaring through the skies in my great career.

If only this process was easier, quicker, less stressful, yet longer and more encouraging.

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Happiness? Future? What?

When did it become necessary to know what you want to do for the rest of your life at such a young age?
If it is not expected of you to know when you graduate high school it surely is when you are in college. Oh yeah, and it is expected from society that of course you will go to college. For the most part.
Well now you’re in college and you think you know what career you want to strive for.
What if you explore outside of that field and take some different classes and you just meet people that inspire yoy and you take on a different interest?
It might be a smooth transition onto that desired field over the first-pick field but it might not be and it probably won’t.
It won’t be if your first field of choice was something you thought you wanted to do for a long time. Also, if your whole family already expects you to be whoever you told them you will be when you were 9.
Unfortunately I am stuck in this position. Although I think I know what I want to do with my life now, after some coincidental events in my life and keeping an open mind, I am still just as lost as when I decided my always planned major in college is not what I want to learn about at all.

Planning too far ahead in life is what makes me wonder if I realistically want to do this for the rest of my life?
I want to become a flight attandant because I love flying. I love meeting new people and I love the airline industry and that whole lifestyle.
I don’t know if this is going to be something I do for a few years while I try and attain my bachelor’s degree still or if this will become my career.
I don’t even know which option I would prefer. All I know is I want a family later in life or at least I don’t want to be alone. Is that possible if I follow my heart now and pursue my passion and go where my heart belongs or does that put my other dream in jeopardy?

This frustration is due to the pressure of society which spills onto my parents of course and then the fact that planning ahead into the future could be useful but also it is what is stopping me from peaceful decision making.
Ughhhh. How to deal with life?

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